How to distinguish SKF bearings of the steel seal?

Update Time:2017-07-12

In the daily life, there are a lot of people do not really recognize the SKF bearing steel seal should look like, and now let us take a simple look, in the end the SKF bearings to how to identify the steel.

Normally, the imported bearings are very clear outside the packaging color, SKF bearings are like this. And genuine SKF bearings above the steel seal is also very clear. SKF bearings in the bearing body will be printed on the brand name, label, etc., although the font is small, but it has not been heat treatment before the pressure has been pressed. So even if its font is very small, but concave deep, the font is still clearly visible. And fake and shoddy products, the font is not only not obvious, it is also very rough printing skills, fonts floating in appearance.

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