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Mini Brass Nut Dramatic Story
Issue Time:2016-07-30

  Mini Brass Nut Dramatic Story

Section one: Morning on whatsapp

‘’ Don’t send me massage again and again!!  If you send again, I will delete you!!’’

‘’OK, ’’ enter by accident…

‘’ok?  YOUR  BRAIN  SICK!’’ ( very quick answer )

‘’Ok, I don’t mean to bother you, so sorry for that…’’

No answer.. (I was deleted …..)  


Such terrible wakeup, my stomach was full of loss, what I did?? When I stepped into office, I rushed to my computer and checked who is he:

Name: Tom

RFQ: Need brass nut (I have answered This RFQ, but only answer to his need, no more massages at all… )

No more records…..

‘’My god, what’s wrong with him, he said me brain sick!!


Section two:  Email action

Dear sir

Good day! This is Bunny from JeSun factory. I have checked, I really didn’t not bother you, why do you said such mean words to me, I totally know your feeling of salesman, but I am different from them.’’ I AM NOT A NOISY BIRD AT ALL!! ‘’ You owe me an apology.

Anyway, wish you a happy day!


Section three: Second morning


You have a feedback from Tom.

‘Oh my god,he must hate me… what should I do!!!!’ 1 second…..2 minutes….

10 minutes…..  OK !!Anyway , LOOK!  I open the mailbox……


Dear Bunny

Beauty,I feel so sorry!At that moment,I was angry with my supplier,just that moment,your massage come,so……..Please forgive me.

I know you are a good girl,thank you for your answer to my RFQ.

By the way, I also need BRASS INSERT NUT, please check the ref, thank you Bunny!


First order done


Section four:who is Tom


After that I found Tom comes from a very famous company in Australia. When I told my old friend John. John: HaHa….. So Funny!! Tom is my good friend!! Haha

Oh my God, the earth is so small…..

From then on, we become good friends! Because of Mini Brass Nut we know each other, have argument, and finally we become business partner, good friends in the end! Sometimes, the destiny is so amazing!  R

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