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The Knowledge of Brass Injection Nut?

Issue Time:2017-04-26

What is injection nuts?

   Generally, brass injection knurled nuts is refers to the use of injection molding and hot pressing and other main types of applications in a matrix, can be used as an internal thread brass nuts. It using precision automatic lathe production, all manufacturing processes are forming, to ensure that the injection of copper nuts precision and production, injection nuts, outer ring knurling requirements, size, shape, can be customized according to the actual requirements of users and meet the user in the production of the use of needs.

What materials do we use?

Now,most of the used for the production of injection nuts are H59 brass and 3604 brass material. Some special design requirements will also use 1214 free-cutting steel, 1215 eco-friendly steel and stainless steel to produce.

Application areas

Brass injection knurled nuts are mostly used for mobile phone antenna injection molding, plastic injection molding, computer shell, notebook shell, TV, automotive and other fields.



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