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How to process the screw slot?

Issue Time:2017-04-27

The screws slot processing is divided into three kinds,one is use the mold processing machine-shaping,another is milling machine processing or automatic cutting machine .

We could selection which process is according to the products.


Use the mold machine-shaping,the processing speed is very fast, high efficiency, the cost is much lower, but there is a small drawback, There will be a little bit of "eight" on both sides of the slot, if only to meet with a word approved Tsui lock, this quality is no problem.


Milling machine processing, the speed is very slow.This is machine processing generally applicable to the amount of small, requiring the word flat and smooth products.


Automatic cutting slot machine molding, although the speed is not as mold directly forming, but is the machine at work, the speed is very good. This process is suitable for large quantities and demanding products. Processed products is very good , But sometimes there will be a batch front, the need for full inspection before shipment.

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