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Hardware Heat Treatment Process

Issue Time:2017-05-03

     Hardware heat treatment process

For some high-strength products, must be hardened to meet the needs of customers, but for the heating of the product, the heating process is also very particular about.

Through the heating and cooling methods, to change the metal inside or the surface of the silk structure, in order to obtain the desired performance of the process. According to the basic characteristics of heating and cooling specifications and its effect on the microstructure and properties, the heat treatment of metal can be divided into ordinary heat treatment, surface heat treatment and special heat treatment.

Common heat treatment

This is includes annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering.

① Annealing is to heat the metal to the critical temperature (Ac3: or Ac1,) above, after a period of time to cool the insulation, so that the organizational structure close to equilibrium, thereby eliminating or reducing internal stress, homogenize the organization and composition, is conducive to processing operations.

② Normalizing is the metal heating and insulation, the air at room temperature for cooling, is a special annealing.

③Quenching is the metal heated to above the critical temperature, heat quickly cooled to room temperature, in order to strengthen the metal structure, improve the metal strength, hardness and other mechanical properties.

④ Tempering is quenched after the metal reheating, and then insulation cooling. The aim is to eliminate the quenching stress in order to achieve the desired organization and performance.

Surface heat treatment

Polishing; Anodize; Nickel, Zinc, Tin, chrome,Silver plating Point hardening, quenching hardening etc.



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