Jiesheng Hardware avoid the method of bad tooth pattern

Issue Time:2017-05-10

We avoid the method of bad tooth pattern

(1)First of all to understand whether the need for electroplating products, if it is the color of the product, the use of standard wire tapping tapping can be, if it is the need for plating, do before the need to consult the electroplating factory plating thickness, 5 u, different colors of the coating will be different, when the goods can be reserved for reservations.

(2)In the production process, 2 hours for a tour check, the wire tapping, teeth and so on to be visual (check whether wear), size measurement (outside diameter is within the standard), for different materials, its The aperture is also required, usually copper material is relatively soft, the hole on the line, but for stainless steel, 45 # steel, chrome steel and other products, the aperture should be appropriate to enlarge. When doing the goods must have a real thing.

(3)Cleaning before plating is essential. Tooth pattern does not allow residual debris, be sure to repeatedly wash several times.

(4)Strictly account for the electroplating factory to control the film thickness, to the real material to the electroplating factory, so that in the electroplating process of product testing.

Each of the above carefully check the product is basically no problem.

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