What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Issue Time:2017-07-21

Hardware parts ultrasonic cleaning machine brings high cleanness cleaning effect and convenient production rhythm make this technology has been widely used, new metal parts ultrasonic equipment features: equipment by ultrasonic oscillation principle, produce cavitation in the liquid, the adhesive peeling the work piece into ultrasonic cleaning and surface area the choice of water-based cleaning agent as additives to add a little time (or kerosene as cleaning medium), low cost, good cleaning effect, is the most ideal and most affordable cleaning equipment. #cncbrassparts

Equipment structure features:

· Consists of generator and cleaning tank composed of two parts;

·The cleaning tank is made of stainless steel, acid and alkali;

· Japan's high-Q piezoelectric chip transducer, frequency optional, with a strong cleaning function;

·Automatic temperature control system, adjustable temperature;

·Structure reasonable and beautiful, easy to operate. 

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