CNC Machining Services for Aerospace Industry

author: Jiesheng Hardware
Dongguan Jiesheng has been supplying non-safety critical machined parts to the aerospace industry for many years. 

Typical applications of machined parts for the aerospace industry include:

• Fitting
• Housing
• Panels 
• Electronic Enclosures 
• Compressor Cases
• Aerospace Ground Support Equipment

We regularly work with the following materials while machining products for the aerospace industry.

• Aluminum
• Stainless steel
• Alloy
• Inconel
• titanium

Other Industries Served: Security Equipment, Lighting, 3D Printer, Medical Devices, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Construction, Electronics, Robotics, and Transportation.

Our comprehensive CNC machining capabilities allow us to take up small to large medium range projects. Over the years, we have built a strong local supply chain, which allows us to assure quick turnaround times. 
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