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Assembly Service

Assembly Services In CNC Manufacturing

At Jiesheng Hardware, we provide light assembly capabilities as a complement to our precision machining services. In addition to crafting precision components, we can assemble them into finished parts or subassembly units - adding value-added services for customers.
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Precision machining typically involves manufacturing complex, high-tolerance components or parts using advanced machinery and techniques - once this process has concluded, additional assembly may be required in order for these pieces to become functional products.

Benefits of Our Assembly Services

Are you looking to simplify the production of single precision machined parts? By working with us, you can reduce:


1. Reduced SKUs entering your facility for inventory purposes, making management simpler; and

2. Decreased packaging materials entering for disposal purposes resulting in eco-friendlier and less costly inbound shipping and receiving operations

3. Reduced time and costs related to unpacking and moving multiple parts through your facility, leading to faster and cheaper production operations

4. Accelerated assembly on your own production line for quicker time-to-market.

Why Select Our Assembly Services

Integrating light assembly capabilities can streamline manufacturing, reduce lead times, and offer one-stop solutions to customers who require both precision machining and assembly services. In-house light assembly capabilities also help ensure products meet quality standards throughout their production, by keeping up the same high levels of precision and attention to detail throughout each stage of manufacture.


Light assembly services help streamline the purchasing of machined parts, saving customers both time and money in terms of delivery timeline, equipment costs, labor expenses and overall manufacturing costs. Our light assembly services are especially beneficial to customers placing large or frequent orders as these savings add up over time.


Jiesheng Hardware's light assembly team can meet all your light assembly needs - whether they be finished metal parts or subassembly units. We will work closely with you to meet your assembly work instructions and quality standards, giving you peace of mind knowing your final products will perform as intended.

Custom CNC Parts for Different Industries

JeaSnn professionally provides the solution to custom precision machining parts for CNC Machines, Oil & Gas, Lighting, Sensors, 3D Printer, CNC Router, Automobile, Medical Devices, Aerospace, Bike&Motor, Robotic




CNC Machines










Power Tools


CNC Router & 3D Printer

Assembly Services May Include

  • Sub-assembly

    Assembling various CNC components or subcomponents into larger assemblies that will then be included during assembly of a final product.

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  • Fastening and Joining

    Attaching parts together using fasteners such as screws, bolts or rivets; or joining them using adhesives, welding or other means.

  • Packaging and Labeling

    Packaging and labeling products to prepare them for shipment/delivery are critical steps that ensure product success and success.

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Our Assembly Part Sample

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  • 1716973932892407

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  • 1716973955290375

  • 1716973966199146

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