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Our Brass CNC Machining Service Capability

Jiesheng Hardware is your trusted partner in precision CNC brass machining! With 20+ years of expertise and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality brass parts tailored to meet your specific requirements and applications.
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Types Of Brass Materials In CNC Machining

Free-Cutting Brass: Known for excellent machinability due to high lead content. Ideal for intricate and complex brass parts with tight tolerances.


Naval Brass: Contains tin and offers superior corrosion resistance in seawater. Commonly used in marine applications for metal parts like propeller shafts and brass fittings.


Leaded Brass: Contains a higher percentage of lead for improved machinability and lubricity. Used for requiring extensive brass machining parts, such as intricate brass components and fittings.


Cartridge Brass: High copper content alloy with zinc, offering good strength and ductility. Commonly used for casings, plumbing components, and architectural hardware.

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Properties Of Brass Material Machining

  • Advanced CNC Machining Machines

    Our quick turnaround CNC brass turning and CNC brass milling service ensure precise and consistent machining of brass parts with tight tolerances and complex geometries.

  • Wide Range of Brass Materials

    We work with various brass alloys, including Free-Cutting Brass, Naval Brass, Red Brass, Yellow Brass, High-Strength Brass, Low-Lead Brass, Leaded Brass, and Cartridge Brass, to provide the right material solution for your application.

  • Expertise in Complex Brass Parts

    Our experienced team of engineers and machinists specializes in machining intricate and complex brass parts, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

  • Custom Machined Brass Parts

    Understanding that each project is unique, we offer custom CNC brass machining solutions tailored to your specific design, material, and finishing requirements.

Machining types of Brass Parts

As a leading CNC machining manufacturer, we have a fully equipped machining workshop that can provide customized brass CNC machining parts with simple or complex geometric shapes. We apply a variety of machining technologies, including CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC turning-milling, CNC Swiss machining or other precision machining services, to ensure that all parts you order are delivered on time and meet your quality expectations.


5 Axis CNC Milling


4 Axis Milling


3 Axis Milling


CNC milling


CNC Turning


CNC Machining


CNC Swiss Machining


Prototype Machining


EDM Machining


Sheet Metal Machining

Applications of Brass CNC Machining

CNC brass machining offers a wide range of applications across various industries due to the unique properties and versatility of brass alloys. Here are some common applications where CNC brass machining is widely used:


Automotive: corrosion resistance, durability, and high precision CNC machined brass parts are used in automotive applications such as connectors, bushings, and brass insert


Electrical and Electronics: brass has electrical conductivity and mechanical properties. CNC brass machining produces electrical connectors, terminals, lock screws and sealing screws


Plumbing and HVAC Systems: Brass fittings, tubes, valves, couplings, and other brass components


Brass has aesthetic appeal, versatility, and a long-lasting finish. It is used in lighting fixtures, furniture hardware, and kitchen appliances.

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