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Copper CNC Machining Services Factory

Jiesheng Hardware has been dedicated to manufacturing precision CNC machined copper parts for more than 20 years. We manufacture a wide range of precision parts for the electrical and electronic equipment, high frequency circuit and radio frequency, heat sink and heat exchanger industries. We believe that our extensive copper machining experience makes us become your right CNC machining factory for your metal parts projects.
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Material Options For Copper Parts

Copper C101/C10100

C101 copper typically has a purity of over 99.99%, with very low impurity levels.

Contains less than 0.001% oxygen, resulting in extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity.

Good ductility and malleability.

Copper can be easily connected through various methods, including brazing, soldering, thickening, or adhesive bonding.


Copper C110/C11000

Contains approximately 0.02-0.04% oxygen.

Conductivity lower than C101, it still has very high electrical conductivity.

Ease Machining for both cold and hot working processes.

Lower Cost: Compared to copper C101/C10100, it has cheaper production costs.

Copper machining is more expensive than brass materials. You can optimize your copper parts design and choose the right material grade. Copper C101 and Copper C110 are both high-purity copper materials. C101, with its higher purity and conductivity, is ideal for requiring extremely high electrical conductivity and low oxygen content components. In contrast, C110, with its cost advantages and good overall performance, maybe is better choose.

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What are the Properties of Copper CNC Machining

  • Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

    They are low density makes it ideal for weight-sensitive applications, reducing handling and machining forces.

  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

    Copper has extremely high electrical conductivity, second only to silver. This makes it a commonly used material in the electrical and electronics industry.such as heat sink and heat exchangers

  • Easy Machining

    Copper can be precision machined through CNC machining methods such as copper turning, milling, drilling and tapping.

  • Ductility and Softness

    It can maintain mechanical properties at low and high temperatures and withstand high stress and impact loads without breaking easily.

  • Thermal Conductivity

    High thermal conductivity enables efficient heat dissipation during CNC machining, minimizing heat buildup and thermal deformation.

  • Welding Performance

    Copper is easily joined by welding, soldering and brazing.

  • Magnetic

    Copper is a non-magnetic material, used in no-magnetic interference precision measuring instruments.

CNC Machining Types Of Custom Copper Parts

As a leading CNC machining manufacturer, we have a fully equipped machining workshop that can provide customized steel CNC machining parts with simple or complex geometric shapes. We apply a variety of machining technologies, including CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC turning-milling, CNC Swiss machining or other precision machining services, to ensure that all parts you order are delivered on time and meet your quality expectations.


5 Axis CNC Milling


4 Axis Milling


3 Axis Milling


CNC milling


CNC Turning


CNC Machining


CNC Swiss Machining


Prototype Machining


EDM Machining


Sheet Metal Machining

Custom CNC Machining Copper Parts

Are you looking for a reliably and quickly turnaround factory for copper CNC machining parts?Our company philosophy is to Make Better Products, Faster & More Precise. Our machined copper parts feature clean, smooth surfaces, high precision, and tight tolerances.

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Finshing Material Options For Copper Parts

  • Brass Machined Parts Surface Treatment

    Although copper itself has many unique properties, but a variety of surface treatment options are available in our copper machining services, including electrolytic polishing,plating,passivation,oxidation,heat treatment,sandblasting,coating, and more to add a fully clad barrier to CNC copper parts for superior corrosion resistance and aesthetics. Each surface treatment method has its own unique advantages and scope of application and you can select based on the end use of the copper product required for your project, the required performance and appearance requirements.

Cost-efficient Machined Parts at Any Quantity

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