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CNC Milling

What Is CNC Milling?

CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing process that use 3 axis,4 axis,5 axis indexed milling processes to cut solid plastic and metal material to final parts.CNC milling manufactures complex geometric shapes and planes for a wide variety of products. Multi-axis metal CNC machine tools do not need to fix the mold, highly flexible, high precision.
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We have 3 axis, 4 axis,  5 axis machines, and the capability of CNC milling enables us to accurately manufacture complex parts while meeting strict tolerance requirements.

Why Choose JeaSnn CNC Milling Services?

●We offer complete CNC milling manufacturing of machined parts made to your specific requirements in our 5000 square factory. 

●We are an expertise CNC milling service team with more than 20 years

●We are equipped with advanced CNC milling centers which can produce machined parts with low cycle times.

●Our CNC milling machines have a variety of working envelopes and travels, thereby allowing us to handle a wide range of machining projects.

●We have experience in working with a diverse range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and bronze etc.

●We are capable of handling from rapid prototyping to low-volume and production manufacturing.

●We are an ISO 9001 and IATF16949 certified manufacturing company, committed to providing customers with a consistent quality product every time.

●We further ensure quality by using the latest state-of-the-art inspection equipment, including a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

High Precision

The CNC milling process can achieve extremely tight tolerances and high levels of accuracy, ensuring consistent and precise part dimensions.


CNC milling allows for the production of identical milling parts with consistent quality, reducing variability and ensuring uniformity across large production manufacturing. 

Complex Geometries

CNC milling can produce complex shapes, contours, and features that may be difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional machining methods, offering greater design flexibility and creative possibilities.

Rapid Prototyping

CNC milling enables rapid prototyping and product development, allowing designers and engineers to quickly create prototypes, iterate designs, and bring new products to market faster. 


CNC milling services can produce custom CNC milling parts, and assemblies tailored to specific customer requirements, designs, and specifications, offering greater customization and personalization options.

Benefits of Custom CNC Milling

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    CNC Machining Service Experience

    Jiesheng Hardware, which is a professional manufacturer of customized precision metal parts with more than 20+ years of experience. Give you a wealth of expertise to every precision machining project, ensuring that parts are tailored to match your products.

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    We have a sample machining workshop, samples can be ready in as fast as 30 minutes. You will get it in 3 days. We work quickly to ensure your ideas and projects are brought to market quickly and on-time.

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    Strict Quality Control

    Jiesheng is committed to customer satisfaction. We strive for continuous improvement in our quality process. We has strict quality control management that is certified by ISO9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

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    Fast Turnaround

    We are 24hrs for your support, offer more professional and reliable advice about cnc machining solutions. With instant quotes and rapid production, you can reduce cycle times by as much as 50%.

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    Engineer & Design Support

    You design it, we will make it. A Professional R&D team provide OEM/ODM CNC machining design service, drawing services, sample services, assembly services solutions.

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    Customized Packaging

    The packaging of precision machined parts is made according to the customer's requirements.It can avoid damage during transportation and save you storage costs. You can put it directly into your warehouse.

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    Cost Savings

    An ideal CNC manufacturing solution to help customers minimize costs and maximize benefits. We're lean and efficient and we pass these cost savings onto you.

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    Value-added Services

    Make drawings according to the customers' idea or samples. Make samples for the test before mass production. Acceptable Remote factory inspection /Visit the factory on-site /Assembly service combined shipping.

CNC Milling Applications

Let’s highlight some of the most common applications:


Aerospace: CNC milling is widely used in the aerospace industry to manufacture components such as engine parts, turbine blades, brackets, and structural components with complex geometries and tight tolerances.

Automotive: In the automotive industry, CNC milling is used for producing engine components, transmission parts, suspension components, and custom prototypes with precise dimensions and high-quality finishes.

Electronics: CNC milling is used to produce printed circuit boards (PCB), connectors, housings, and other electronic components with precise features, tight tolerances, and high-quality finishes.

Prototyping: CNC milling is ideal for rapid prototyping and product development, allowing designers and engineers to quickly create prototypes of new products and iterate designs based on testing and feedback.

Custom Fabrication: CNC milling is used in custom fabrication shops to produce one-off or small-batch parts, components, and assemblies for various industries, including architectural, artistic, and decorative applications.




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Power Tools


CNC Router & 3D Printer

Limitations of CNC Milling

CNC milling offers numerous advantages in terms of precision, efficiency, and versatility, it also has certain limitations that need to be carefully considered to ensure successful implementation and optimal results in the manufacturing process.

Programming Complexity: Creating and optimizing CNC programs requires skilled programmers and can be time-consuming, especially for complex parts and designs.

Material Limitations: CNC milling can process a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, composites, and more, but some materials, such as certain types of ceramics and heat-treated metals, may be difficult to machine with CNC milling due to their hardness or brittleness.

Tool Wear and Maintenance: The cutting tools used in CNC milling wear out over time and require regular maintenance and replacement, which can add to the overall operating costs.

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CNC Machining Materials & Finishes

There are a wide variety of materials that can be machined using CNC technology, JeaSnn provides CNC machining quotes for more than 50 engineering-grade plastic and metal materials. In terms of finishes, various types of surface finishes can be applied to CNC machined parts.

  • CNC Machining Metal Materials

    Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Steel, Carbon Steel, Titanium Etc.

    Machining Aluminum Parts
    2024, 5052,5083, 6061,6061-T6, 6063,6082, 7075, etc.

    Machining Stainless Steel/Steel Parts
    SUS303,SUS304,SS316,SS316L,420,430,17-4PH,1214L/1215/4140/SCM440/40CrMo, etc.

    Machining Brass/Copper/Bronze Parts
    HPb63, HPb62, HPb61, HPb59, H59,H62,H63,H65,H68, H70,H80, H90, C110, C120, C220, C260, C280, C360 etc.

  • CNC Machining Plastic Materials

    Machining Plastic Parts

    Acrylic/ABS/PTFE/PEEK etc.

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  • Machined Parts Surface Treatment

    Anodizing, Polishing, Powder Coated, Electroplating, Black Oxide, Brushing, Passivation Etc.
    If you are looking a professional CNC machining service supplier to provide high quality precision lighting parts, we are an excellent manufacturer of the world’s leading light manufacturer in Europe and North America.

Cost-efficient Machined Parts at Any Quantity

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