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Assembly Service

At Jiesheng Hardware, we offer light assembly capabilities in support of our precision machining capabilities. In addition to making precision components, we can assemble them into finished parts or subassembly units. Light assembly capabilities can complement precision machining capabilities by providing additional value-added services to customers. Precision machining typically involves the manufacturing of complex, high-tolerance components or parts using advanced machinery and techniques. Once the precision machining process is complete, the resulting components may require additional assembly to become a functional product.

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Benefits of Assembly Service:

Want to simplify your single precision machined component processes? By working with us, you can reduce:

  1. The number of SKUs entering your facility for inventory, resulting in easier inventory management
  2. The number of packaging materials coming into your facility that you need to dispose of, resulting in more eco-friendly and less expensive inbound shipping and receiving operations
  3. The time and cost for unpacking and moving multiple parts through your facility, resulting in faster and cheaper production operations
  4. The time for assembly on your own production line, resulting in a shorter time to market

Assembly Services Can Include:

Sub-assembly: Assembling smaller components or sub-components into larger assemblies, which are then incorporated into the final product during the assembly process.

Fastening and joining: Attaching parts together using fasteners such as screws, bolts, or rivets, or joining them using adhesives, welding, or other methods.

Packaging and labeling: Preparing the assembled products for shipment or delivery, including packaging, labeling, and documentation.

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Why Choose Assembly Services:

Having in-house light assembly capabilities can streamline the manufacturing process, reduce lead times, and provide a one-stop solution for customers who require both precision machining and assembly services. It can also help ensure that the assembled products meet the required quality standards, as the same level of precision and attention to detail can be maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Our light assembly services streamline the purchasing of machined components. By machining and assembling components before they reach the customer’s facility, we cut down on time to deadline, equipment costs, labor costs, and overall manufacturing costs. This is particularly beneficial for customers who place large or frequent orders, as the cost savings add up over time.

Whether you need finished parts or subassembly units, the light assembly team at Jiesheng Hardware has got you covered. We will work with you to ensure we meet your assembly work instructions and quality standards, so you can be sure your finished products will operate and perform as intended.