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Metal Parts Manufacturer- Jiesheng Hardware

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Metal Parts Manufacturer- Jiesheng Hardware

What do We do?

Dongguan Jiesheng Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of custom precision metal parts, such as CNC machining parts/CNC milling parts/CNC turning parts/Precision shafts/Custom screws/standoff spacers.

☛Fast Samples: samples can be ready in as fast as 30 minutes

☛Engineer Team: has 20 years in the CNC manufacturing field, identifying the right manufacturing process to match the cost and quality.

☛Better Quality: ISO 9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 quality system certification and all goods need a 6 times QC inspection, so we can make sure of good quality.

☛Better Service: tired of manufacturers not responding to your requests for projects? We are 24hrs for your support, offer more professional and reliable advice.

☛Capabilities: We can provide machining 3 Axis Machining/5 Axis Machining/4 Axis Machining/CNC Milling/CNC Turning/Precision Machining/Large Machining/Swiss and Screw Machining/Extrusion Machining/Production Machining/Prototype Machining/Casting Machining

metal parts manufacturer jiesheng hardware


How I can help you?

☛To provide you with the best product support, the perfect cost

☛Help you develop and win more markets share on your side.

☛From the design to the product finish, we promise to give you peace of mind, effort, and cost. You can use them with confidence.

☛We can provide OEM/ODM service, design service, sample service


Contact Person

Amy Wu


Phone/WhatsApp: + 86 13528558864

Languages: English, Chinese

I’m your professional metal parts consultant and partner.

Only focus on providing solutions to custom precision metal parts.